Broadway: Above and Below Ground

This interactive map shows tour stops and additional context for a tour presented by Confluence’s Andrew McLeod and Sacramento County Historical Society board member Eric Bradner, February 19 and May 6, 2017. The tour and map explore the original southern boundary of Sacramento City.

For interactive version, click here

This seam between real estate schemes envisioned city lots to the north and farm parcels to the south. But while the Grid became a familiar term for our city’s heart, the “Ten Acre Tracts” have faded into obscurity. This low swampland faded into a neglected industrial zone between the river and cemetery, home to residents of the Alder Grove public housing project but increasingly empty in recent decades.

Now, the area is seeing some of the same dynamics of gentrification found elsewhere, most notably the recent demolition of the old Setzer lumber complex and the rise of the Mill housing development. But, like most attempts to redevelop our city, it has moved in fits and starts, yielding an area that is still a work in progress.

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