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5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. i saw your presentation on the squatters riots at Sacramento County Historical Society on Elvas last month. My wife Ruth and I are doing research on Lucinda Washburn who came to Sacramento around 1851 at age 40, unmarried. The 1852 census shows her as a seamstress but she began acquiring property and became quite wealthy. . When she died in 1888 the New York Times reprinted her obituary. Do you know the name? Do you know the source of her wealth?

    Thank you and best regards,
    Ken Cusenza


  2. Dear Andrew,

    I am wondering if you could do a private tour for my architecture firm, Mogavero Architects. We just viewed a documentary entitled “Replacing the Past, Sacramento’s Redevelopment History” and I would like to follow this up with a history tour of Sacamento. Please call me at 916-443-1033 to discuss details. We have about 30 people in our office.


  3. Hello Andrew.. We spoke last night at the bar the Grange. Nice talking. I contacted the architect, Greg Taylor. He is in charge of the rail yard project for the city and he said right now there wasn’t tours open for the general public. I also sent him a link to your web site. Jim


  4. Re. Boston
    I’m a direct descendant of the pioneer family that settled and farmed that land in1849. The family lived at the north levee confluence and farmed roughly 640 Acres north along the east bank of the Sacramento River to or just past what is today the main drainage channel for the Natomas Reclamation District. Two Sloughs and a street are named after him, Patrick Bannon. He also operated the raft ferry across the American, as well as raised cattle, and grew crops and orchard fruits. He died in 1863 after building a 2 story home at the NE corner of 6th and I street (now the County Jail). Possibly as a result of the river/railroad realignments.
    Anyway, I just found your site and am extremely excited to learn of your research. Please contact me as I would be happy to share some history.
    Mark Franzoia (6th Generation Native of Sacramento)


    • Thanks for the interest Mark! I’m always excited to encounter real serious Old Timers and your family was right in the middle of something that I’ve found very intriguing. I’ve long wondered about Bannon, who is a somewhat obscure person for the apparent turmoil that happened on his land. I think you’re exactly right about the realignments forcing the move, as my recent research has delved into what seems to be a sort of weaponized flood control that Sacramento City used to flush out its American River waterfront rivals, from Boston to Brighton. As for the western boundary of the farm, I strongly suspect it was the slough itself. I’ll send you a direct email for further discussion.


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